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      Safe Grad Ticket Draw Fundraiser

      As a fundraiser for the 2015 Safe Grad, the Safe Grad Committee will be holding a ticket draw.  This will be our major fundraiser.

          Tickets are $20 each.
          Grand Prize is $2500
          Ticket Draw is Friday, May 15th

      A representative of the committee will be at the school at recess time, Friday May 1st to pass out the tickets. Your child can pick them up for you then. 
      Please ensure sold tickets stubs and unsold tickets are returned to the safe grad committee on May 13th. A representative of the committee will be at the school to receive them on that date.
      If you require other information please contact Ruth Steele: Fundraiser Coordinator ~
      Lisa Pike:Safe Grad Committee chair

      HUSKY HERALD: check out the latest edition below:

      Safe Grad Contract: Grad 2015contract.doc

      Students and parents are asked to download the attached file to view information about our PROM 2015 ceremony.  Please follow the link in the presentation to register for prom and to request extra tickets. Information 2015.pdf
      Prom registration is due by April 15th, 2015
      Fee payment will be done at the school office via cheque, debit or credit April 20 - 24th, 2015.

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